Lost Heaven Beijing

Built in 1903, the last year of the Qing dynasty, Qianmen 23 was originally the location of the US embassy. It is locatedinDongjiaoMinxiang, the embassy area in the heart of Beijing, originating just east of Qianmen and very close to the Southeast corner of Tian'anmen Square. The complex has a courtyard with a 4,000-square-meter lawn and its architecture echoes that of Tian'anmen. Qianmen 23 has become a landmark of DongjiaoMinxiang due to its Western neoclassical architecture and characteristic granite steps leading up to the colonnaded main entrance. The five antique buildings are all equally considered neoclassical, and have been listed as protected historical and cultural buildings.

This is Lost Heaven's first Beijing location, opened in May 2012. The first floor is divided into a bar and a restaurant, with capacity of 40 and60 people respectively. The second floor is a restaurant which can hold another 120 people. One most impressive fact is that the first- and second-floor walls are made of Pu'er tea bricks. The entire restaurant is designed to be full of fashion and strong ethnic style. Every corner is filled with Yunnan crafts and totems of the Yao, Yi, Dai, Bai, Naxi, Tibetan, and Mao ethnic cultures. Dining here, you can easily imagine you have been transported to a palace of Yunnan ethnic minority culture and arts. A prominent magazine even chose Lost Heaven as Shanghai's best restaurant for a date.

Sincere and honest service has always been Lost Heaven's specialty. Whether a grand banquet or a few simple dishes, whether public or private gatherings, coming to Lost Heaven will let both host and guest enjoy themselves to the fullest and make unlimited memories.


1st floor Mask Bar: 40 pax reception style
1st floor restaurant : 60 seats
2nd floor: 120 seats 




Lunch: 11:30 to 14:00 (LO)
Dinner: 17:30 to 22:30 (LO)


Mask Bar

17:30 to 01:00